Practice what we peach

These days, interacting with friends and followers on social media is becoming more and more difficult. All the while Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and the like are promising it’s becoming more and more easy.

That’s why at Beaufort Photography Co. we…

…Practice what we peach.

Practice what we peach

The truth is it’s becoming easier for us to interact in the ways Facebook and Instagram want us to interact. While it’s becoming more difficult for us to interact in the ways WE might want to interact.


Keep it about connecting and not the dollars

The social media companies started out helping friends connect with friends, companies connect with clients, and the unknown connect with the known. However, now it appears they’re only concerned about helping us disconnect with our money. Social media has become all about the advertising dollars.

A day doesn’t pass without:

  • The social media companies changing their algorithms to maximize their profit and minimize your reach.
  • Hearing that one or ten of my friends’ companies have disconnected from social media.
  • Getting frustrated that my Facebook and Instagram have limited my posts reach because I’m not willing to pay $20 here or $40 there to “boost” them.
  • The social media companies using their influence to quiet what they don’t want us to hear and promote what they want us to hear.


All of which is to say, you probably won’t see this post either unless you’re trying really hard to see it. Facebook and Instagram and the other social media platforms have lost site of their vision and purpose or have changed it completely.

One way (at least for now) to maintain a semblance of control over our posts and timelines is to Follow Like Comment and Share. At Beaufort Photography Co., we do exactly that. We…

…Practice what we peach!


Follow Like Comment Share

We follow you back when you follow us. We like your pictures when we like what we see. We comment on your posts when we have something to say. And we share your content with our friends and followers.

So, we hope you’ll take a few seconds each day to practice what you peach:

  • Follow Beaufort Photography Co. on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.
  • Like our page and posts and pictures.
  • Comment when you have something to say or just to say, “Hey!”
  • Share our pages and posts and pictures with your friends and followers.


And do all of this on a very regular basis if you want to see our content. Otherwise, we’re probably going to get lost in the huge social media orchard. Social media as we’ve known it from the beginning is changing. But before you drop it altogether like so many are doing, let’s share a little love with each other. Let’s…


…Practice what we peach!

  • Follow
  • Like
  • Comment
  • Share

Practice what we peach